jaymes hinkle - production designer / art director




LBJ (AD) - Production Designer; Christopher DeMuri

Woodlawn - Director: Erwin Brothers

Hot Pursuit (AD) - Production Designer: Nelson Coates

When the Game Stands Tall - Director: Thomas Carter

One Heart - Director: Mark Ellis

7500 - Director: Takashi Shimizu

Stolen - Director: Simon West

Nothing Left to Fear (AD) - Production Designer: Deborah Riley

Hatchet III - Director: BJ McDonnell

Shark Night 3D - Director: David R. Ellis

Spring Break 83’ - Director: Mars Callahan

Night of the Demons (Visual Consultant) - Director: Adam Gierasch

The Final Destination (4) - Director: David R. Ellis

Asylum - Director: David R. Ellis

Shoot Em Up - Director: Michael Davis

What Love Is - Director: Mars Callahan

Snakes on a Plane - Director: David R. Ellis

Rebound - Director: Steve Carr

Cellular - Director: David R. Ellis

The Perfect Score - Director: Brian Robbins

Hard Ball - Director: Brian Robbins

Ready to Rumble - Director: Brian Robbins

A Texas Funeral - Director: Blake Heron

Varsity Blues - Director: Brian Robbins

Virus (AD) - Production Designer: Mayling Cheng

Pentathlon - Director Malmuth

Man’s Best Friend - Director: John Lafia

Demolition Man (AD) - Production Designer: David Synder

Loaded Weapon 1 - Director: Gene Quintano

Passenger 57 - Director: Kevin Hooks

Ricochet - Director: Russell Mulcahy


Zoo (AD) - Production Designer: Lauren Crasco

Star-Crossed - Director: Gary Fleder; Deran Sarafian; Michael Pressman ...

Remember Sunday - Director: Jeff Bleckner

Hide - Director: John Gray

Ricochet - Director: Nick Gomez

Tribute - Director: Martha Coolidge

Midnight Bayou - Director: Ralph Hemecker

Samantha Who - Director: Robert McNeil

Big Day - Director: Michael Spiller

Inconceivable - Director: Jonathon Kaplan

The O.C. - Director:  Doug Liman

Birds of Prey - Director: Brian Robbins

Rolling Thunder - Director: PJ Pesche

If Looks Could Kill - Director: Sheldon Larry

The Investigator - Director: Mat Tayback

Parker Kane - Director: Steve Perry

Tales From The Crypt (AD) - Production Designer: Virginia Randolph


As the Production Designer, I work as a visual artist and storyteller, who, in consultation primarily with the director, create and develop the overall look, atmosphere and emotion that move the film.